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True sustainable value in a world transforming through the advent of AI, technological innovation and changing human preferences, requires a value vision. Ours is that of a world of constructive co-creative empathy and dialogue. With eye for balancing the needs between the individual and the collective. Between the central and the decentral. Together with compassion for the human condition, these values and notions underpin E2MIC as a boutique finance firm aimed at unlocking true sustainable and abundant value.

Our mission is to help ethical businesses connect and thrive that enable breakthrough science, governance, community and technology driven products and services. This entails structuring positive sustainable impact through ethical investing, ESG guidelines, investor diversity and constructive cross-border trade cooperation. E2MIC promotes corporate social responsibility, better banking, science and tech innovation, integrity and business ethics through specialty projects, events, education, media and storytelling innovation, dialogue and soft skills. Together, we define this as Next Level Finance, the precursor to a truly sustainable world.

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